2.2 percent of global▓ GDP, 29.1 percent of trade

countries have been cautious in the talks," Zhang said.LARGEST WIN-WIN AGR▓EEMENT"The RCEP is a multilateral trade cooperation, which means its structure is truly meant to benefit all participating

countries because all will be governed under the same trade rules," Neak Chandarith, director of the Cambodia 21st Century Maritime Si▓lk Road Research Center (CMSRRC) of the Royal University of Phno

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m Penh, told Xinhua.The▓ RCEP will reduce trade barriers coupled with enhanced m▓arket access and will make each RCEP member more attractive to foreig

2.5 ▓percent of global invest

n investors and encourage cross-border investments amongst RCEP members, he added.It

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ountries, and will help them integrate further with the global economy, ▓said Yu Mi

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